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Reach more of your target audience by partnering with the influencers.

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  • Introduce creators for free
  • You can expect low cost, efficient result
  • We have both micro macro influencers
  • You do not need language skill
  • Refine search by choosing location, genre, age group
  • Payment requires when only actually started campaign

3 advantages by using Gantale

  • Influential influencers will promote for your campaign

  • We specialized in an international global platform.

  • We pay-per-performance so 100% free!

We approach exactly what you need

In order to use our service, you can expect low cost, efficient result. Please contact us the place, products, plan and service you’d like to advertise, so that we can definitely consider the best proposal for you.

We, YS MEDIA AGENCY INC is specialized in matching platform between brands and influencers and multi channel network for creative creators / influencers. We enable you to generate original content with influential content creators that can drive new costumers through SNS such as YouTube and Instagram.