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Why Instagram stopped displaying like count?

Instagram announced that they will stop display like count worldwide and more than 10 billion Instagram users surprised back in 2019. Instagram CEO told US magazine about the real truth about it and behind the story. Let’s take a look.

like count is the SNS currency

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So basically they are planning to display like count for followers but the person who is in charge of the account can see it. Nowadays SNS is the pretty much main thing in our daily life and social media influencer is trending, so we can say Instagram likes are pretty much similar to SNS version of currency.

Influencers / celebrity like Kim Kardashian, gives such a great inspiration to the followers and other regular influencers are sharing daily life to the followers and giving happy hormones.

There are many issues when it comes to SNS, but the sudden change that Instagram made surprised a lot of users not only Influencers but also regular users. Since like count is everything and is indicator of popularity as an influencer, this change was such a big deal to them.

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So the main reason why they made a change is for user’s especially influencers’ mental health I would say.

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