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The reason why Selena Gomes thinks Instagram is toxic

Popular model, actress, fashion model Selena Gomez did an interview with Dazed for the first time in 2020 and she answered questions from celebrities and fans. In the interview, she talked about the reason why Instagram is toxic for young people, Selena is known as the 2nd most followed person on the planet and that’s probably why she wants to talk about SNS and how influential it is in a bad way.

Interviewer asked her “if there’s a button and if you press it, your Instagram account will be deleted, would you do it?”. She basically said yes. “I would say yes but If I say yes no one would like my post and laughed. She added if the balance is right and everyone’s happy on SNS, that’s great but SNS is destroying our identity and that’s why I named my album “rare”. I still remember the first 4 days when I first created my Instagram account and I remember I thought “I can’t do this” so I only do it when I have to”.

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She said she doesn’t even read about what other people write about her on internet. She used to real all of them before, but that put her in a sad dark place and she said sometimes “not knowing everything” is the right thing for her mental health.

Interviewer asked her if she has regret. She said no including her past toxic relationship with Justin Bieber. She suffered depression and anxiety neurosis but without that experience, she couldn’t be the new strong Selena. Also she said “there are things that I wish it didn’t happen, but without that experience, I couldn’t say my opinion for people those who experienced the same. So right now I appreciate even negative incidence that happened in the past.”

“I was weak, timid, bullied and quiet but I left that in the past. I’m being the person who I think I should be. I just wanna hug myself in the past. This is who I am now”.

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