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Instagram users are decreasing in US..

Instagram users were increasing in past few years rapidly, but now decreasing and researchers are guessing that it will be 2% less in 3 years. Recently Instagram is putting so much effort on ecommerce business on the app, and that is because of this decrease.

Even though Instagram’s shopping feature is growing and it is getting people’s attention, we can tell that people are still addicted to other shopping websites not the Instagram. Instagram need to work on change people’s habit to do the shopping.

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Still, there are so many people use the app, but because of people’s awareness of the idea “SNS slowly kills your mental health”, this could be one of the reason why number of users is decreasing.

Many celebrities and influencers are using their power to make people aware the danger of social media. Some of the influencers are suffering from mental illness because they spend so much time on SNS for their work.

It’s great that people are now aware about the danger of SNS and smartphone devices. It’s almost impossible not to use SNS and smartphone nowadays, but the important thing is not to spend too much time on it.



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