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Influencer investment will be higher than ever: especially in beauty and fashion industry

Some people say influencer marketing is fading away in 2020 – but is it really? Influencer marketing is growing every year and in 2020, the investors are investing more money than ever compare to even a year ago especially towards beauty and fashion influencers.

The biggest recent change that happened was last November, when Instagram decided to remove showing like counts. That change made lots of influencers concern about their career for sure and marketing companies also thought that influencer marketing is about to fade away. However on the other hand, removing like counts is actually does not have that much negative effect, because creators will more care about the actual contents not just the numbers. So the most important thing in order to make a successful influencer marketing campaign is diversity I believe.

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Online apparel retailer REVOLVE was listed last year because of collaborations with influencers and REVOLVE is now one of the biggest and successful e-commerce fashion store. Because CEO knows the importance of influencer marketing, he spent weeks to explain to investors all around the world the importance of SNS and influencers. CEO insist that 70% of REVOLVE’s revenue came from influencer marketing, which is about 7 million dollars.

ROVOLVE collaborated not only big influencers, but also small influencers and succeed to expose to many internet user. Also they collaborate with big events such as cochella with bunch of influencers.

So influencers will have more demand more than ever especially if you’re fashion / beauty influencer. And for marketers. building long term relationship with influencers is one of the key to lead successful influencrer campaign.

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