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Weekly Japanese YouTube ranking 【view count】

#10 マニマニピーポー

View count: 2,104,146

#9 東海オンエア

View count: 2,173,232


View count:  2,228,726

#7 ヴァンゆんチャンネル/ Powered by VAMBI

View count:  2,253,584

#6 Hajime

View count:  2,265,207

#5 Seikin TV

View count:  2,357,721

#4 YouTube Japan

View count:  2,684,219

#3 東海オンエア

View count:  2,792,294

#2 BANDAI NAMCO Arts Channel

View count:  28,53,196


View count:  3,641,786

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