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Dark side of SNS: The influencer wannabe who have $10,000 debt

Social media is such a toxic platform if you use it in a wrong way. Influencer has been trending thing since few years ago and this girl on instagram was an influencer wannabe and ended up having $10,000 debt.

At first glance, influencers looks like they are having their time of life, but are they really? There are only “perfect moment” on SNS and we shouldn’t compare ourselves to their picture perfect moment. This girl named Lissette Calv was doing internship for press and at that time the whole influencer trend was just about to starting. She wanted to be like them and started to copy their lifestyles.

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She started to pursuit the “influencer lifestyle” and didn’t have much saving but bunch of credit cards. That was the beginning of her nightmare. She tried not to wear the same outfit in every picture like every other influencers and started to shop online a lot. In addition she had to order bunch of food just to make the picture look good. She also started to spend lots of money on her travel even though she didn’t have enough money. And this behavior escalated as time goes by.

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After 3 years of spending money like “influencers”, she ended up having $10,000 debt. She said that she thought she was living a life full of lies.

There are many problems when it comes to SNS because of people like her. People who believe like count matters more than anything else. People who does dangerous things because they want likes. People who suffer mental illness because they compare themselves to others.

Like Lissette did, this dark side of SNS come to light when we care too much about what other people think of us. Lissette said that she already paid back her debt in her blog.

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