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Japanese influencer ranking top 5

In 2019, influencer is one of these things and there are lots of influencers in the world. Let’s focus on Japanese influencers and take a look at top 5 hot influencers!

#1 Kemio

He is Japanese influencer based in New York. Manly active on Instagram and YouTube and people love his unique and open minded personality. Most of his contents are in Japanese but he does speak English as well. Check out his contents on SNS below.

Instagram / YouTube

#2 Michi

Michi is one of Kemio’s close friend and she appears in kemio’s youtube video. Obviously she is beautiful, but she is not pushy and fans love that. Her style is also gorgeous, check out her Instagram below. She is with her brother all the time and has YouTube channel with him as well.

Instagram / YouTube

#3 Naomi Watanabe

Naomi is Japanese comedian who has career internationally and her unique and fashionable style is outstanding.



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We have been nominated to be part of NEW WAVE: Creatives at The British Fashion Awards 2019. I’m very honored must be dreaming. Thanks for you chose and vote us this honored award. Thank you British Fashion Council for giving us such a wonderful experience. @britishfashioncouncil 👑 And for Mulberry, I appreciate preparing our lovely wardrobe. @mulberryengland ❤️🇬🇧💕❣️✨💖🌹 I am grateful to all of the people who supported us. Thank you! The Fashion Awardに参加してきました この場所にいれたのが夢のよう!! 私達はNEW WAVE クリエイティブでノミネートしました。私達を選んで下さったBritish Fashion council英国のファッション関係者の皆様、ありがとうございます。 こんな素晴らしい経験が出来た事を誇りに思います! そして素敵なスーツを用意してくれたマルベリーに感謝します!いつも応援、サポートしてくれる皆さん、ありがとうございます🔥🌍💫💐

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They are twins with pink hair and people love their bizarre outfit.

Instagram AYA / AMI

#5 Rola

Rola is Japanese model based in both LA and Tokyo who has career internationally. Her personality is very positive and energetic and people love both her style and personality.



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