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Influencer marketing in Alcohol industries

Year by year, there are more and more young people starting avoid alcohol in Japan.

Consumption of alcohol in 2014 was only 86% of the alcohol consumption in 1996, which was the peak.

Also there are more movements to make less advertisement of alcohol in all around the world.

According to Boston University research, most of public transportation users in Boston are students and most of the advertisements in the transportation are about alcohol and researchers are started to realize that alcohol advertisement has a potential to make younger people addict to alcohol.


From this point of view, more and more cities are starting to regulate advertisements of alcohol.

According to Washington post, state of San Francisco, Washington, and Philadelphia is prohibited to put alcohol advertisement in public transportation.


However, does this regulation works?


According to research from Texas University Austin, alcohol consumption in the US is definitely decreasing. Average consumption per person in 2011 is 85% of 1980.

At the same time, advertising expenses are 60 times higher through 40 years of 1971 to 2011.


Since SNS is a huge trend since few decades ago, and 70% of SNS users are adult, no wonder alcohol company take advantage of this situation to advertise their products.

This time, we’ll use Instagram marketing as an example.




Smirnoff is a Russian vodka brand. After the Russian revolution, they are selling since then.

At the time of celebration of business growth in the US, they decided to collaborate with influencers.

Smirnoff’s influencer marketing went very well because when influencers just post pictures of drinking Smirnoff, they got a lot of likes and it went viral.




Budweiser is American Beer Company. They collaborate with a lot of influencers and one of them is Lace Morris.

She has 357K followers on Instagram and Budweiser has 268K followers so her post can reach more people than Budweiser official account.


Budweiser decided to collaborate with influencers to make them post appeal their cities.

In order to collaborate with influencers from all across the city in the US, it can make followers feel like Budweiser understand the attraction of every city.


IW Harper


IW Harper is American bourbon whiskey. They started to collaborate with influencers and bloggers from 2015.


The way they advertise was traditional.

They did cocktail party and let influencers enjoy the party. And they post picture of the scene that hey enjoying the party with IW Harper.




Skyy is young vodka brand from San Francisco.

Their influencer marketing was bit different than others.

Influencers just wear blue sweater or beanie in the picture not the akyy vodka.




Heineken group is historical Orland Beer Company started in 1863.

And recently they started to sell Men’s clothing. And they let influencers, designers and boutique design cloth and post picture.

The picture above is about backpack that they designed and it telling us that this ordinary scene is part of our life style.




There is a lot of oktoberfest in Japan and people’s interest toward German beer is increasing. BECKS is one of the famous German beer brand.

The picture above is Italian Instagramer Valentina Ferragni at the music festival sponsored by BECKS.

We can tell that hold a party and invite bunch of influencers is one of a new marketing tool.

But, why influencer marketing?

We introduced few examples of influencer marketing in alcohol industry, but why people choose influencer marketing as a marketing tool?


According to Mediakix, the reasons why is because

+ In order to collaborate with influencers, it looks very natural mix lifestyle and alcohol

+ Followers can make community on SNS


As I mentioned earlier about Texas University research, it is less unlikely that percentage of consumption alcohol will be high again like few decades ago.

Therefore influencer marketing is a very good idea for alcohol industry to make audience feel close to it.

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