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TOP MCN in the US

The biggest YouTube MCN in the world “Famebit”

In this MCN, you can see the details for all the influences who belong Famebit, so it is easy for brands to choose he best YouTuber to promote.

Also there are two ways to connect with influencers on this website.

One is just contact directly with them and the other is to request campaign and recruit influencers.

Also Google bough Famebit on October in 2016.

Covers 5 SNS influencers, “SPEAKR” 

This MCN covers 5 SNS influencers such as Snapchat、Instagram、Twitter、Facebook、Pinterest.

Same as Famebit and you can see details about influencers so it’s easy to find the right one.

SPRAKR have over 20000 influencers and most of them has over  3000000 followers.





Open Influence

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We, YS MEDIA AGENCY INC is specialized in matching platform between brands and influencers and multi channel network for creative creators / influencers. We enable you to generate original content with influential content creators that can drive new costumers through SNS such as YouTube and Instagram.