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Is Influencer Marketing Effective?

There are a lot of companies using an influencer marketing nowadays and it is a very powerful marketing tool to use especially for the brands which targeting millennium age.

According to Olapic’s “Psychology of Following”, 31% of consumers in Europe answered that they have purchased some products/service based on an influencer’s post on SNS.

This survey was held for active SNS user in USA, Germany, France and England age between 16-61.

Also, this research was to see the reason why consumers are following SNS influencers and trust them and how consumers react to an influencer’s recommendation.

As we all know,  an influencer marketing is not only for big companies but also startup companies.

For example, thick blankets company called Somnos, started a company in January, hit the target in 12 hours. And more than 42% of their result was because of influencers, according to infliencer marketing platform “Takumi”.

According to Open Influence’s research based on more than 500 people, 60% of people answered that SNS is the first motive to purchase products. Also, 79% of people answered that they trust influencer’s recommendation. From this survey, brands must admit that influencers can actually deliver great results.

According to The State of Influencer Marketing 2018, 91% of brands answered that influencer marketing did work well. 50% of brands said that the contents created by influencer were more effective than the contents created by brands.

Influencer marketing is definitely worth to try in 2018 if you didn’t try yet.

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