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The fashion blogger who makes $15,000 per post

Danielle Bernstein

She is an American fashion blogger who makes $15,000 per post. She manage 4 different SNS and her blog and each account has massive amount of followers.


She posts 3-5 pictures or/and videos per day and gets 7000-180000 likes.

Also manage Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and posts at least 4-5 pictures per week.

All SNS accounts connect to her blog, and people are able to purchase the item they liked from her post.

Usually influencers does promote one product or brand at a time but she does 6-7 at the same time so that she can express her own fashion coordinate by choosing her favorite ones from every brands that she has contract with.

The point is, she posts stuff from our (consumer)’s perspective not the brand’s.

That’s what makes us more familiar and easy to use her OOTD from affordable brands.

Also she built user flows to makes brands more beneficial; which means contract with her is mutually beneficial.

These are the reasons why she makes $15,000 per post.

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