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Let’s talk about Daniel Wellington.

We all know Daniel Wellington is: the company making quality watches affordable for everyone.

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watch company founded in 2011, has office in 7 different countries and selling at more than 800 select shop in over 100 different countries.

This watch is known as 1. simple and fashionable 2. easy to match with any outfits 3. affordable price 4. able to change the belts 5. the one we see on SNS all the time..

They sold 180000000 watches in two years.

But how did the company became worldwide well-known brand in such a short time of period?

There is a reason why the company has grown rapidly in the last 6 years, which is Instagram marketing.

They didn’t advertise in media such as tv or magazine, but digitally.

Ask yourself, where did you see the watch for the first time. Instagram, right?

Very simple. They just give a watch to influencer all over the world in exchange of promoting on their Instagram account.

Also distribute 15% discount coupon towards their followers and enhanced the visibility of the brand.

Now the official Instagram account has 3.5M followers and this is very successful example of Instagram marketing.

And who made this brand popularized? Influencers.

Due to a successful SNS strategy, clients’ age group is now around 18-27 years old, but what they’re trying right now is to expand the target to a slightly older age range. (In Japan)

Now they’re spending oodles of cash to hire big-name celebrities to advertising the brand.

Now you can tell how effective and powerful Instagram marketing is, and it is definitely a best marketing strategy in 2017.

You can purchase the watch from the link below!

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