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Influencer marketing in Japan

Influencer marketing is a major marketing tool since few years ago, and a lot of companies and brands use influencers for their advertisement on internet.

Let’s take a look at the reality of influencer marketing in Japan by 2 different categories.

Japanese companies started to use influencer marketing since around 2016 and more and more companies use it on this year, 2017.


An American multinational company, Marriot Hotel Japan, use multi influencers as marketing at the very first within the industry in Japan and it went very successful.

Below is one of the video that influencer collaborated with the hotel, “24 hours in Tokyo”.

Start at 1:27

This video has 1,282,079 views and it went viral.


Japan attracted 24 million international tourists in 2016. Shopping is one of those things that tourists do in every place.

Department store called “PARCO” received huge feedback after using an influencer marketing.

They decided to use 10 travel influencers from all across the world mostly Asia with live coverage.

What influencers did was write about experience at PARCO constantly and give viewer a coupon that can use at PARCO.

The video that one of the influencer uploaded has 45000 views and it boost sales pretty well.

As you can see the result, influencer marketing is absolutely the most powerful marketing trend in 2017.

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