Match with brands and influencers


Your SNS post can be someone’s material desires

Take picture of your favorite restaurant and post a picture on Instagram with hashtags. And get paid by follower’s reaction. Everyone can be an influencer. Yes, this is an app called Indahash.

Created by Poland woman Barbara Soltysinska.

Indahash is a digital platform for influencer and brands. Through this platform, brands can access to thousands of influencers  right away and they can deliver ad contents to their followers easily.

Since the company launched in 2016, Indahash worked with huge companies such as coca cora, loreal paris and mcdonalds and they did more than 1000 campaigns. At the same year in June, they launched app and now they have more than 330000 influencers in more than 70 countries. Moreover they started to pay with cryptocurrency as compensation for the first time in this industry.

Started career as advertisement agency

Barbara Soltysinska graduated from University of Warsaw with marketing and she started to work for advertisement agency. During that time, she started MCN company and she made it to a successful huge company in less than three years.

Then she sees the potential in influencer marketing and sold MCN company. She was 28 when she first launched an influencer marketing company.

Until now, she got a lot of prize as entrepreneur, and she said “my motivation is to work with great people and start a new things with all my passion”.

Aspire to Disney Princess

You might think Barbara Soltysinska is the “perfect business woman”, but she said she loves Disney princess and it’s not fair if she can’t dream about fairy tale just because she’s a business woman.




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