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4 Most influential influencers by Forbes

There are a lot of influential influencers all over the world.

But today i’d like to introduce four famous influencers here in the US.


Grumpy cat!

This “world’s grumpiest cat” has 1.44M followers on Twitter, 2.4M on Instagram.


Jeffree Star!

Jeffree is one of the top beauty influencer .

He was building his followers since MySpace, and now has 5,4M subscribers, 1.21M followers on Twitter, and 5.2M on instagram.

Jeffree is a fashion model, DJ, makeup artist, singer song writer and YouTuber.

He just launched his cosmetic brand and is getting to the right track.


Logan Paul!

He describes himself “22 year old kid in Hollywood making crazy daily Vlogs! “. Exactly.

He is the original star of Vine. The Ohio native has 3.21M followers on Twitter, 12,650,322 subscribers and 16,053,661 people liked his Facebook page. Wow.

Also he makes $150,000 per Facebook post and $80,000 for sponsored content on Instagram.

Check out his channel

and this is one of my favorite his video.. watch till the end.


Couple traveler Damon and Jo!

They met in college and started to travel together with almost no money. But once they started to post a beautiful picture and video they took while they’re traveling, people started to support them and now they have 711,282 subscribers, 40.9K followers on twitter and 119K on instagram. Also they speak 5 languages!

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